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Mission Statement of Linda Chollar


Thank you for visiting my website.  I want to tell you a bit about my personal journey and how this has shaped my mission for helping others.

My goal is to assist others to manifest their authentic purpose, creativity and personal fulfillment, doing what they love in life and business. I believe the keys for pursuing a service of healing touch include personal passion, holistic business skills, heart-centered marketing and alignment with your purpose.

My passion for wellness and healing touch led me to align with my calling as a healer that became my livelihood - the business of healing and eventually business coaching.  With 20 years in the making, my passion is still aflame and I now mentor and teach other seekers who share the vibration of my vision. My purpose is to touch and teach and I have been given all the resources to fulfill that calling - so too, do you have all that you need - right now! 

Therapeutic healing touch is a doorway to helping others and when one is on purpose and paying attention to guidance, there is a natural flow that occurs to allow you to serve.

As a Mentor and Coach, I teach from the heart of a healer, the experience of a holistic-minded business owner and from the guidance of my own spiritual integrity.

You may be the slickest marketing guru, a business expert who is trained in every method and technique known to reflexology, but if you do not know your purpose, you will struggle and never find that which is missing. Finding that purpose is the seed of your passion.

When your passion blooms into knowing your purpose, which is deeper than the daily, mundane aspects of running your business, you are empowered to direct your energy where it needs to be.

The result is an organic divine flow, an ease and a sense of fulfillment. Your business of touching others’ lives becomes an expression of you, your creativity, your connection with life and people.  When you tap the divine energy that you are……doing what you love and you get to call it your business …that’s what I call success!

I am often asked by others how I learned so much about the health and wellness busines and how I have sustained my fulltime business through diverse economies, locations and circumstances, such as moving across country and starting over after 11 years in business?  

I began to realize that my answer lay in what I refer to as several keys:  I determined to master my craft (skills),  I learned that marketing meant giving people more than they expected and I never lost my passion to create a business doing what I loved - helping people to feel better, release pain and stress and regain balance for their body and mind . 

I attended my first reflexology training seminar 20 years ago in Nashville, TN. Today, I understand the nuts and bolts of ‘being a therapist’ in the business world, after starting up, owning and managing my own private practices, a reflexology school and a wellness center, I have felt the pains, doubts, struggles and joy of being a business owner. One thing I am certain of - if there is PASSION, there is always a way. And a passion to help others is always rewarded.  

With a business background and being fresh out of reflexology school, I created my first physical practice as a practitioner.  Within 6 months, I was full time and booked, building my clientele solely by word of mouth. I became a pioneer, teaching and speaking, appearing on TV, on radio and in print, and establishing myself as an expert in a modality that was virtually unknown.

Always eager to continue my education, I continued to train and acquired licensing in massage therapy, became a licensed instructor, completed certification in craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, nutrition and feng shui.  I sought to take reflexology training from every master teacher and acquired more hours of continuing education in reflexology than any of my peers. A long time goal was completed when I became a nationally accredited reflexology educator by ACARET, The American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training. 

My skill and knowledge took new wings as I began advanced science-based reflexology training in the Manzanares Method of Reflexology. My teacher and mentor, Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D. is from Barcelona, Spain. I had the honor of helping to expand his work by organizing his reflexology training classes in the U.S.   I have always sought scientific answers to why reflexology works. Dr. Manzanares was the missing link for me, as I learned about his research and his science-based principles. 

I have had so many rich experiences of mentoring and coaching others to create a rewarding business in healing touch. I believe we can give hope with hearts and hands of compassion  - hope of feeling better, relieving stress and eliminating pain.  And the rewards for offering hope include gratitude, humility, joy and abundance. 

One person can truly cause a ripple effect. I have been blessed to touch many others by teaching and mentoring. I think of it as my hands becoming the hands of many. I created The Reflexology Mentor™ business to reach even more through the Web.  We truly can touch the world with vision and passion.

When I am referred to as an expert, I think of a definition I read somewhere - Expert: “Knowing and ready from much practice”. I guess you could say, I have had lots of practice. And I stay ready to help!

May you find fulfillment by making a difference in people’s lives through the many avenues of healing touch. If you are not there yet, let me guide the way.

I would love to be your MENTOR and COACH in business and personal development,

The Reflexology Mentor™

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