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“Understanding Fibromyalgia: Foundation for Practitioners”

CE CREDIT: 3 hours  

COST:  $67.00 (includes 75-minute webinar presentation, study guide, articles, sample forms and CE transcript)

CLASS FORMAT:  Video presentation with Linda Chollar as your host. 


This webinar is a 75-minute video presentation that lays a foundation for understanding the complex syndrome of fibromyalgia (FM). The focus is on teaching complementary and alternative medicine professionals to be better equipped with a knowledge base and vision for how they can help clients with FM.  

Reflexologists can provide a missing link for pain relief and the stress of FM. A key is understanding the unique challenges of the fibromyalgia client. Fibromyalgia is a collection of symptoms resulting from chronic pain and a nervous system disordering. Much confusion has surrounded fibromyalgia as to the cause or treatment. Each person presents with unique symptoms, physically and emotionally. Effective communication, taking proper history and creating a personalized treatment plan are all significant for client outcomes. Linda shares inspiration and information from actual client cases, current research and her reflexology protocol used in the Chollar fibromyalgia study.

Topics related to fibromyalgia will include:

  • How you as a reflexology provider can make a difference
  • Most commonly presented symptoms to expect
  • Current research & insight into what is called, “The Fibromyaliga War”
  • Article: The Labeling of FM: Creating an illness?
  • Why it’s essential to personalize a treatment plan with FM clients
  • A reflexology protocol used by Linda Chollar in the 2008 study of reflexology for FM - click on the book to the right to read that study.
  • Understanding the revised criteria for a FM diagnosis (many clients & doctors do not have this info)
  • The opportunity for reflexology as a niche in helping fibromyalgia sufferers.


CE Credit: 3 hours. CE Transcript is emailed after completion of a CE Review Form. Approved for 3-CE Credit by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB Provider POO118). 


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