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“Stand Tall Posture Course”
Stop Neck & Shoulder Pain 

Webinar/Ebook Course:
Understanding Fibromyalgia
3hr. CE Credit
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Home Study Course:

Rebooking Made Easy

CE CREDIT:   3 CE hours. Approved by ARCB. Transcript is emailed after completion of CE Course Evaluation provided in the course with instructions. 

COST:  $47.00 - Includes:
Study Guide Ebook,
Four Lessons (pdf downloads):
 Ten Secret Strategies to Rebooking Clients
 The Value of Objections & Why Clients Say No
 Rebook Clients with 5 Magic Words
 4 Tips to Rebooking Clients
CE Transcript 

CLASS FORMAT:  Downloads of Study Guide and 4 Lessons in pdf formats.  

CLASS DESCRIPTION:  How-to’s for rebooking clients before they leave a session, discover how to help clients commit to appointments, the words to use that always work, why they don’t always rebook and what to do, what is the mindset that is key, how to overcome feeling pushy, recognizing personal blockages that can prevent clients from returning, 4 tips to assess when they don’t prebook, 10 effective booking strategies. 


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