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Holistic Body Therapy with Linda Chollar

RESULTS for Pain Management, Relaxation, Body Rejuvenation

Location: Manhattan Beach, California, west of Los Angeles

Private studio: just minutes from the beautiful Pacific beach with lodging, great dining and harbor sites nearby.   

Bodywork and acupressure sessions: 60-120 minutes, always personalized for each individual and can be a blend of myofascial release and trigger point therapy, foot acupressure, cranio-sacral therapy, steam towels, topical essential oils, chakra therapy or guided imagery.     

How to Schedule an Appointment: Call or email. After an initial consultation, I can give you directions and we can schedule your session.

Based on your needs, a personalized treatment can include: 

    Clinical Reflexology (when you’ve tried everything else to feel better)
    Acupressure for body and feet (more advanced and based on meridian therapy)
    Cranial-Sacral Therapy (fibromyalgia, fatigue, TMJ, pure bliss)
    Myofascial Rehab Therapy (post-injury, chronic pain)
    Pain Management head to toe. Expect reduced pain in one session.
    Trigger Point Therapy (muscle spasms, sciatica, carpal tunnel, backpain)
    Posture & Gait Analysis (plantar fasciitis, headaches, neck/shoulder pain)

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Linda Chollar
Holistic Body Therapy
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