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Holistic Body Therapy with Linda Chollar

RESULTS for Pain Management, Relaxation, Body Rejuvenation

Location: Serving the Beach Cities, California (west of Los Angeles). 

Studio: Just minutes from the beautiful Pacific beach with lodging, great dining and harbor sites nearby.

Sessions: 60-120 minutes are personalized for each individual blending Functional Acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy, trigger point therapy, foot acupressure and myofascial release. Extras include hot towels, essential oils, chakra balancing and mindfulness therapy.     

How to Schedule an Appointment: Email for rates, initial consultation/session and directions.

Based on your needs, a personalized treatment can include: 

    Acupressure for body and feet (advanced meridian therapy)
    Cranial-Sacral Therapy (fibromyalgia, fatigue, TMJ, pure bliss)
    Myofascial Rehab Therapy (post-injury, chronic pain)
    Pain Management head to toe. Expect reduced pain in one session.
    Trigger Point Therapy (muscle spasms, sciatica, carpal tunnel, backpain)
    Postural Gait Analysis (plantar fasciitis, headaches, neck/shoulder pain)

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Linda Chollar
Holistic Body Therapy