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Prepare For Surgery, Heal FasterTM

Mind/Body Relaxation Technique for Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Pain.

Experience a live guided meditation session by phone with Linda Chollar, Certified Facilitator
of the Peggy Huddleston, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Fastertm technique used in Harvard medical hospitals.  


Watch this 2 minute Boston News interview with the developer, Peggy Huddleston. News Headline: “Relaxation technique helps patients get through major surgery”:

Stressed about upcoming surgery or a medical event?

  • Calm stress and preoperative or health event jitters
  • Reduce the use of pain medication 23-60%
  • Speed recovery and healing after surgical procedures

Research shows that this program has helped:

  • Speed discharge after surgery for colorectal & knee replacement
  • Reduce depression, insomnia and heart rate associated with anxiety


Schedule a “Prep for Surgery” phone session now to prepare for your health event: Feel calmer, reduce anxiety and worry and have a faster recovery.  

Recommended in hospitals nationwide: Research at a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital supports the efficacy of this program, showing the relaxation technique resulted in less anxiety and less medication for anxiety. 


The Guided Meditation/Relaxation Session (provided via live phone call) is helpful for anyone wanting to learn a self-help method for reducing stress and anxiety. Whether you are anxious about a medical procedure or simply need help with general anxiety, worry and stress, this technique is beneficial for both:

 - in preparation for a medical procedure (surgery, tests like MRI, biopsy or any stressful health event);

- anxiety as a result of insomnia, headaches, chronic pain or worry. 

GETTING STARTED – 3 Easy Steps: 

1. CLICK HERE to request the Guided Meditation Form to complete and return to us by email. The brief questionnaire will ask for more details about your upcoming medical event or if you prefer a session for anxiety, insomnia or chronic pain. For surgery, it is ideal to start the program 1-2 weeks before the date of the health procedure. However, even if you only have one day, it is beneficial.

2. Once we receive the form, you will receive an email from Linda Chollar within 24 hours, Monday-Friday with a link to submit payment and date options for scheduling your session. You will also receive a written ouitline for the guided meditation call with Linda.

3. Once your payment is received by us, Linda will call you on the confirmed date for your session. 

COST: $145 (Visa/MC) 

Cost of the session includes:

* One 75-minute live session by phone or Skype. Linda Chollar will guide you through the five steps of the program, using guided imagery focused on your individual goals, whether for surgery or other health concerns.

* References for medical research that supports the efficacy of the program.

* An mp3 audio of the session is emailed afterward to reinforce the skills learned in the session or for use during and after a medical event.  The audio is one you can use anytime for relaxation, headaches and to enhance sleep.

* A followup support phone call from Linda Chollar a few days post-event or to answer questions and encourage your continued use of the technique for your desired goals.

Optional: The companion book, “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster” authored by Peggy Huddleston is available for separate purchase online in ebook format. This is highly suggested if you are preparing for surgery as it contains valuable information for you as a patient and includes how to engage your physican and medical team in your meditation affirmations to speed recovery. You will receive the link to purchase with the form you are sent.

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About Your Facilitator:
Linda Chollar is a Certified Facilitator of the program Prepare for Surgery, Heal FasterTM developed by Peggy Huddleston. The 5-step program uses guided imagery and a positive focus on individual goals. You will feel relaxed, calm and optimistic before, during and after your health event and recovery. Linda is a Holistic Health Provider and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She provides guided meditation for lifestyle changes, stress, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain management.