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Understanding Fibromyalgia
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“Stand-Tall Posture to Fix Neck & Shoulder Pain”

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Neck and Shoulder Pain, Sleepless Nights, Headaches & more resulting from: unsightly fatty-hump at the back of the neck, also called text-neck or ‘TECH-NECK’

Learn quick-fixers to easily stop sloppy posture NOW, regardless of your age. It’s a no-brainer to FIX neck & shoulder tightness, tension and pain from poor posture. 

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Learn 5-10 minutes posture hacks you can do anywhere, anytime!
No equipment or gym needed! Feel Better, Look Better, Look Younger and like you’ve Lost 10 Pounds! 


Pictures are worth a thousand words. 
The average head weighs 12 lbs. For every inch the head is projected forward adds 10 lbs of weight on the shoulders and burden to the spine. This results in tight muscles, tension, pain and a host of health issues. 

These two images indicate how beauty and the body suffers when poor posture goes unresolved. Good posture is when the ear is aligned over the shoulder. 
Forward Head Posture (FHP) is an epidemic in our world today due to the
use of devices (technology).

In the course, Posture: Stand Tall to Fix Neck & Shoulder Pain, you will learn 5-10 minutes posture hacks you can do anywhere, anytime to change your posture for the better and to rid your PAIN!

No equipment or gym needed! Get the Posture-Minute Tips anyone can do. Feel Better, Look Better, Look Younger and like you’ve Lost 10 Pounds! 

From the course Instructor:
“I’m excited to share this information that will change your life. This is the same approach and tips I use for my private clients who have pain as a result of Forward Head Position (FHP) and Rounded Shoulders.”
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