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Understanding Fibromyalgia
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Chollar Method Pain Management
12-Lesson Course: Create a Niche  

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WHAT YOU GET:  After purchasing the course you will be emailed the instant downloads for all twelve lesson materials with exercises and strategies. Lessons are in pdf format and include a variety of word docs ready to personalize and edit for your practice.  

Become a wellness leader with a specialty practice in Pain Management.  100 Million people in the U.S. suffer from Chronic Pain! These are your potential clients!

  • Learn how to identify your ideal client &  target market.
  • Market your services & solutions to position yourself as the expert in your field.   

This comprehensive learning course is for any wellness provider interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise in the business aspect of developing a practice in pain management.  Originally developed for providers of reflexology (due to the beneficial effect and results-oriented approach of therapeutic reflexology for pain management), the teachings in this course are helpful and applicable to all wellness care practitioners, whether they provide reflexology, acupressure, massage, reiki or other CAM practices.  

The course provides step-by-step systems that I use every day in my own business of pain management. Where else can you get this kind of personal coaching to transform your practice into a speciality business? And I’m always here to provide further guidance for you with personalized coaching beyond this course —
Linda Chollar 

CE CREDIT: 24 CE hours (ARCB Approved). Request a Class Evaluation Form to return for a transcript.    

The 12-lesson course VALUED at $1,200 provides: 

  • Fundamental principles for practitioners whose goal is to help those who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety and the results of stress on health. 
  • More meaning and purpose to your practice while generating more profit.
  • SOLUTIONS and MARKETING STRATEGIES to help establish yourself as an expert in your field. 
  • Secrets to the art of a successful pain management practice — from one who has done so for 20 years. 

    READ what Nurse Donna says about the course…   

I encourage anyone who is establishing or growing their business to take Linda’s 90-Day Mentorship course. It enabled me to become more focused, to key in on where to target my energies (the who, what, where). Linda’s coaching has taught me to be more effective with managing my clients’ pain issues. This is THE course to take. A goldmine of information to reference for years to come. Don’t hesitate. Do it now!”
               Donna Morris, RN/DrPH,

Course Outline (includes but not limited to these topics and includes support materials of maps, protocols, forms and step-by-step systems). 

  • Lesson 1: Foundations for Pain Management; Skills Development in 4 Areas 
  • Lesson 2: Chronic Pain: Who, What, Why; Levels of Wellness Care
  • Lesson 3: Results Oriented Reflexology; The Art and Heart of The Intake
  • Lesson  4: Assessment Tools for the Pain Specialist; Gait Analysis & Effect on Reflexology
  • Lesson  5: Four Stages of Care and Mindset; Models and Methods
  • Lesson  6: Maps & Beyond; RX for Pain (Nervous System Balancing)
  • Lesson  7: Brain Reflexes Protocol to Induce Theta (Science Based)
  • Lesson  8: Polarity Reflexology 
  • Lesson  9: Shifting Fight-Flight Quickly
  • Lesson 10: Client Processing Systems: Phone Inquiry,New Client & Follow-up
  • Lesson 11: Creating Your Signature Service
  • Lesson 12: Bringing it All Together

COST: $295.00. Includes instant downloads of all twelve lessons filled with support materials. 

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READ what Melody says… . 

“This Course has impacted my reflexology practice on many levels. The content has improved my reflexology skills and my business practices. I came away with more confidence and options to offer my clients. The personal coaching & e-lessons were specific, practical & helped me improve my record-keeping forms & marketing materials. Linda’s dedication to healing clients & supporting reflexologists is inspiring. Connecting with her as a coach is what I needed. As I continue to apply the benefits of this course, I’m confident that my business and rewards will grow.” 
                                           Melody Pearson,