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Pain Management Training with Linda Chollar

PAIN MANAGEMENT classes, lectures and educational presentations are designed for professionals involved in helping clients and patients with persistent pain conditions.

The Chollar Method of Integrative Reflexology is an example of education directed toward understanding brain processes and how the nervous system is involved in chronic pain.

Hands-on classses teach techniques in the modality of foot reflexology that are science-based with sound principles; multiple holistic approaches that can include the principles of Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Vibrational Medicine and Mind/Body Techniques to address the whole person.  

Future Live Events and Classes To Be Scheduled.
Contact us if you would like to discuss hosting a class in your area on The Chollar Method of Pain Managment.

Pain Management Course Available
as Instant Download:

 The Chollar Method Pain Management:
12-Lesson Course:
“Create a Niche in Pain Management” .
A comprehensive study course that gives you instant access to
this education by Linda Chollar, previously offered in a 90-day coaching format at a tuition of $900. 
Available now for a limited time at $295!
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to purchase this training course.