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Meet Linda Chollar, Coach, Mentor, Educator, Practitioner, Patient Advocate

Linda Chollar coaches, teaches and facilitates healing touch from the heart of one who knows the holistic business world and from the soul of one who has responded to her calling.   She believes one of the greatest joys is when your life calling can be expressed through your work.   As The Reflexology Mentor, she coaches solo-preneurs to create their ideal wellness practice in the heart-based work they’ve been called to do.

As a professional business coach and nationally accredited educator, Linda has embraced a gift of mentoring others in business for two decades. With a mission to increase access to the health benefits of reflexology, Linda wants others to succeed so that more lives can be impacted with natural healing approaches. She loves sharing the strategies of owning and enjoying a wellness business and invites you to join her in her mission to make a difference with your own success. She provides entrepreneurial coaching and education via her online business, The Reflexology Mentor.    
Trained and certified as a professional coach through Wellcoaches Corporation in partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine and nationally certified in reflexology, board acccredited as a Reflexology Educator, State licensed as a massage therapy instructor, certified in polarity therapy, cranial-sacral therapy and Reiki. Read more about Linda’s Private Therapy Services. 

Linda’s committment is to foster awareness of reflexology as an effective modality in integrative medicine. She has served as an independent instructor for Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s Community Health Educatiion where she taught reflexology for pain management and fibromyalgia.

Active in community on state and national levels:

President, Board of Directors for ACARET, the American Commission for Reflexology Education and Training; 
Approved continuing education (CE) provider by the American Reflexology Certification Board;
ACARET Accredited Reflexology Educator (AAEd);
Member on Committee, Graziadio Wellness Center at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Torrance, CA;
Prior U.S. Educational Director for Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD/Manzanares Method of Reflexologytm;

Advocate for Reflexology Research and Science-Based Education

Linda’s love for research and continued education led her to study with the renowned reflexology researcher, Jesus Manzanares, M.D. from Barcelona, Spain.  In 2007, Linda aligned with Manzanares to organize venues in the U.S. for him to share his reflexology research and to teach The Manzanares Method of Reflexology™, a reflexology training course which is based on his 30 years of rigorous reflexology study. 

In her 20 year career, Linda has had the opportunity to lecture and teach in major teaching hospitals, nursing universities, hospice care and oncology hospitals.  She once initiated her own independent study while providing an in-service skills training for nurses at a major heart hospital. A private client and cardiologist at the hospital invited her to teach reflexology to operating room nurses. After designing the 100% experiential training, she documented data from 29 participating cardiology nurses over a six-week skills-training course. All the nurses reported reduced stress and pain as well as marked results from patients receiving their newly learned reflexology.

As a Certified Wellness Coach and an advocate for integrating reflexology into mainstream healthcare for chronic pain and fibromyalgia, Linda offers pain management as a specialty in her private wellness practice. For internal study to document the effects of one reflexology treatment, she conducted A Fibromyalgia Day, with several fibromyalgia clients receiving reflexology specific protocols.  Assisted by a medical student recording before and after pain levels, all participants reported 100% reduction in pain levels after one treatment.

Linda believes that the future of reflexology is only as strong as the standards in education. She has supported increasing minimum standards for certification in reflexology training and encourages reflexology educators and schools to include more science-based teachings to equip reflexologists for the emerging opportunities in the mainstream healthcare system.

In mentoring reflexologists and health and wellness practitioners, Linda stresses the necessity of always advancing their education in their craft and skill in order to be a successful healthcare service provider. With a strong focus on study of the science of reflexology, she supports Dr. Manzanares’ research and reflexology training course as one of the most progressive offerings currently available in science-based reflexology.


Profiled in media, web and print. Linda is available for interviews via email, by phone and in person. For a media packet or more information to book Linda for speaking, contact 


Community service, volunteering, fitness and enjoying life, family & friends. Lives in a beach community west of Los Angeles, CA. Maintains a successful private practice in pain management therapy and wellness coaching. 

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