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HOSTING Linda to speak or teach a class in your area: 

Live training classes are taught around the U.S. by Linda Chollar and locations are considered based on interest generated in each area. We welcome your interest in organizing a class, workshop or keynote address in your area presented by Linda Chollar. A class ‘organizer’ is called a HOST. 


A Host simply helps to recruit and promote a class in their area, to their contact list, organizations, associations, etc. in order to help us gather sufficient enrollments to confirm a class.  

In recognition for assisting us to organize a class of minimum required registrants in your community, you will receive free tuition to the class. All registrations, funds and administrative tasks are handled by our office. Hosts only direct potential registrants to our office or website for enrollment and are not responsible for any of the logistics of enrollments.   

CONTACT US if you are interested in more information on hosting a class or Key Note Address in your area.