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“Stand Tall Posture Course”
Stop Neck & Shoulder Pain 

Webinar/Ebook Course:
Understanding Fibromyalgia
3hr. CE Credit
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E-Course Home Study

Enroll New Clients Ecourse”  

12 hours 

COST:  $97.00 

COURSE FORMAT:  6 comprehensive lessons, worksheets, scripts and step-by-step action plans in pdf.


  1. Self-paced study course with 6 Lessons focusing on successful inquiry sessions, booking appointments, the magic words to use so clients feel understood, how to coach a client, how to  recommend the next step vs. selling, create pricing and package options for client needs, a system for rebooking, followup and referrals AND the secret strategy to eliminate no-shows and cancellations.       
  2. Audio download: overview of the course by your instructor, Linda Chollar       
  3. BONUS OFFER: Purchase a 3-session one-on-one coaching program at $100 off the regular cost of $390. Your cost: $290 if purchased within 30 days of delivery of your course. Fine-tune what you took away from this course, get all your questions answered and more. Email and say you want to purchase the ENC BONUS 3-session program for $290. 

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COMMENTS from others who have completed this Ecourse:

 “I would recommend this course to anyone in business for themselves. I appreciate all that I have learned in the class, especially the tips for client forms to retain clients, the suggestions for packaging services for the 3 types of clients, the Gold Seal followup method and how you taught, “take care of your clients and they will take care of you.” I didn’t realize how complacent I had become in my business—this was a great wakeup course for me. and I am actually excited to get back to work. Thank you for your excellent class.”   Virginia Hoover, ND  

This course brought home to me the melding of healing, authenticity and personal financial value of the service I provide. I always believed that payment for such services was not legitimate for me personally as I volunteered for years in the senior community. I have re-evaluated my way of thinking and this subject is practical but rarely discussed in such detail as your course. Thank you for this Ecourse.”    Susanne Petito, NY      


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