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“Stand Tall Posture Course”
Stop Neck & Shoulder Pain 

Webinar/Ebook Course:
Understanding Fibromyalgia
3hr. CE Credit
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Webinar Class & Six-Lesson Course:


CE CREDIT: 12 CE credit hours approved by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB). A transcript is emailed upon submission of the CE Evaluation Form included in the course.

COST:  $97.00 

CLASS FORMAT:  Webinar; 50-minute audio download with overview of the course, study guides and materials in PDF format; optional follow-up support with a Q&A email*. 

CLASS DESCRIPTION: A self-paced study course teaching strategies for creating your own unique signature services, pricing options and service packages.  BONUS: an optional 30-minute coaching call with Linda Chollar (To be scheduled within 2 weeks from delivery of the course).

Lesson 1: Signature vs. Branding: The Difference
Lesson 2: Creating an Edge with Your Signature Services
Lesson 3: Naming Services (Your Menu)
Lesson 4: What’s Your Line?
Lesson 5: Specialties and Models of Reflexology
Lesson 6: A-B-C System for Signature Services

This course package with the bonus offer is VALUED at over $400. You get all this:

  1. Audio download (50-minutes) overview of the course by Instructor Linda Chollar,  exploring the different models of reflexology (relaxation vs. therapeutic), how to turn your cutting edge niche into a menu that will give your clients more options,  using the tools in this system to generate more clients, pre-bookings, more return clients and more income for you.
  2. Download of 6 pdf lessons that include strategies, worksheets and action plans to begin creating your signature menu of services and wellness packages.
  3. BONUS: Optional 30-minute Q&A phone call with Linda Chollar. Followup to help you fine-tune what you took away from this course and add motivational support. Take notes as you study the course and bring your questions to the call.
  4. CE transcript by email after completion of a CE Review Form. 
  5. *Optional Follow-up Email for Q&A: This is available anytime within one week after the Course Evaluation has been submitted. Simply drop an email to Linda with questions you have about the course materials. If your requests for support are above what can be covered in an email, you will have an option to schedule a coaching session live by phone at a discount. 


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