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Webinar Training - teach a mini-workshop.   

Learn How to Teach Your Own
Self-Help with Reflexology” Workshops 

CE CREDIT:  12 hours 

COST:  $147.00 (includes download of a pre-recorded live webinar, step-by-step materials, reflexology tips for hands-on, promotional templates, CE transcript, a copy of the slides for notetaking and a bonus live phone call with Linda as a followup).

CLASS FORMAT:  Instant download of webinar/slide presentation; download of class material in pdf format and one live 30-minute coaching call with Linda to be scheduled within 30 days of your download of the webinar. Details will come with your materials.  

With this pre-recorded webinar, you get a 2 hour mp3 audio, a pdf of the powerpoint presentation and pdf materials in a workshop kit of templates, protocols & promo tools - all you need to create and teach your own two-hour workshop introducing potential clients to reflexology.


The goals of the workshop you will teach and host is to: establish your credibility and expertise, to gain new clients and referrals, to book appointments and generate cash flow the day of the workshop. Learn a step-by-step proven system to have your guests pre-pay for appointments, special offer packages and gift certificates.  The cost for the workshop can be nominal or optional.  This is a workshop designed to be a profitable event for your business and an opportunity for your guest attendees to experience an introduction to your reflexology services. What the workshop is not: not designed to be a technical class on reflexology or for professionals. Not for those wanting extensive technique, but an easy self-care approach using a few reflex ‘points’. 

This 2 hour intensive webinar will provide you with a teacher’s (HOST) kit that includes everything you need to create and host your own 2 hour reflexology mini-workshop for prospective and existing clients. Modify this template for any target market and re-title the workshop as it applies. You get a materials packet for Host, Guest Handouts and PR Table. Use this concept in an adult ed community center venue for example to introduce reflexology and promote your services.  

Your goal as host for this type of workshop is NOT to teach the complexity of reflexology, the history, the charts, etc. You will be leading a 2-hour workshop for non-professionals to give a brief intro to the touch and impact of your services as a reflexologist. The primary intent is to get in front of potential clients, provide an experience, cover your expenses and build your list for future business.  

Your goal is to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS by giving your guests (potential, prospective clients) an experience in a brief hands-on workshop where they can feel the endorphic response of reflexology, feel more relaxed, and quite possible feel relief from pain. Built into the training is the ‘how-to’ for inviting them to take advantage of your services, book an appointment that day and/or purchase Gift Certificates on the spot. 

You will demo very simple reflex points in the feet that they can understand and use immediately. The guests’ hands-on portion is only one hour of the 2-hour workshop. This course will explain HOW-TO establish yourself as an expert, provide free gifts, gift certificates for guests to purchase that day, book appointments and packages that day and make it easy for guests to refer others to you.

This self-help workshop is designed to be a profitable event for you and to have guests leaving with the Know, Like, Trust Factor in place. Your ultimate goal is to impact ten people who either book appointments that day, buy a pre-paid package or go away knowing that you are the go-to-practitioner for their stress and pain relief!

You will receive:

  • Download of webinar, mp3 audio and a pdf of the slide presentation. 
  • A workshop kit with instant downloads of everything you need to get started immediately. 
    It’s ALL HERE…I will walk you through every step from start to finish so you can gain new clients, establish credibility, establish yourself as an expert, earn immediate cash flow, get inactive clients back, book appointments that day, sell gift certificates and teach others easy self-help reflexes.

You will receive the same promotional material and outline I use to create fun and profitable workshops. Quick, concise, and right to the point! AND you can repeat it over and over. Just add your passion for reflexology and a genuine promise to deliver useful information and you’ll have your attendees raving about the benefits of reflexology and ready to book appointments with you!

The first time I ever led this 2-hour format workshop, (it was titled,  Love Your Feet workshop), I gained 10 new clients, sold gift certificates and generated $700 in cash flow. Attendees included existing clients, friends and family, and prospective clients. They gained valuable health tips, learned 4 simple basic reflexology points for self-help and to help family and friends. It’s a win/win.

Read about Mary and her success story teaching her first “Love Your Feet” workshop after taking this webinar: 30 potential new clients and 9 appointments booked! 


CE Credit: Upon completion of a CE review form, you will receive a CE Transcript for 12 hours CE credit, approved by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB Provider PO118). This continuing education credit is provided for participation in viewing and study of the 2-hr webinar/home study materials, planning, email followup and live coaching session post-webinar.  


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