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Course Tips & Policies

What is a Teleclass or Webinar?

These are educational events and classes that are provided via a live tele-class on the phone or by a webcast that is live or pre-recorded. You join the live event via a conference phone line or access webcasts through a link provided when you enroll.  If you are not able to make a live call after you’ve already registered, no problem. We create an audio recording of most live calls so it is available within 48 hours if you do miss the tele-class. Check to make certain this applies on the class description page. 

Tele-classes and webinars are perfect for busy people who want to learn about specific topics or to obtain Continuing Education Credits (CE) without spending a lot of money or traveling to a live seminar. 

We do offer FREE tele-classes. You still must register and will receive the call-in details or the link to join via webcast. Please feel free to attend as many of these free offerings as you like.  

Here’s how it works …

Live Teleclasses & Webinars (paid and free)

Once you register for a tele-class, you will receive an email with complete instructions on how to participate. Some classes may include a video presentation. Depending on whether it will be a webcast or by phone only, you will have two options and ways to actively participate:

1. You will either be given a phone number (called a bridgeline) and an access code to call at the scheduled time and join the live tele-class OR… . 

2. If the class is being presented via webcast, you will be given a web link which allows you to listen and view the webcast/webinar via web interface. 
If materials or worksheets are included with the tele-class, participants will receive those prior to a tele-class.  

Audio Recordings

Once you are registered for a tele-class, if you can’t make the call, an audio playback is often available. There are always extra benefits for those who attend live, but we’re happy to send you the audio. You will receive that playback link within 48 hours of the teleclass if that class provides an mp3. As part of the Participant Agreement below, we appreciate your honoring that it is unethical to pass this audio replay to another who has not enrolled in the program.

The techy stuff - don’t sweat it! 

Participants by phone will pay any charges from your chosen long distance company. Skype is an option for fee calls, but please check on their international rates and details at

If you are given the option to call by phone or listen in via the weblink, the weblink will eliminate long distance charges. You will be able to hear but not talk as those who are joining by phone. Since not everyone is always able to access the internet during call time, this may be given as an option.

Please call the tele-class phone number at the designated time - it’s like being in your seat when a live seminar begins. If you miss the opening you could miss an important announcement.

The HOST may be the only one speaking on a tele-class. However if participants are invited to join in and interact you can ‘mute’ yourself by pressing *6 (star/6 on your keypad). This will block out any background noise on your end.  To speak or ask a question at the invited time, simply press *7 to ‘unmute’ yourself. 

If you do speak on the call, please lead with your name as, “Hi, this is Lisa…”. 

Please avoid the use of a speakerphone on the call. Landphones are suggested vs. cellphones for teleclasses for best reception and less interference for other callers. Please try your best to eliminate background noises, people talking in the room, dogs and kids having fun in the same room and the repairman with a buzzsaw. 

If you have trouble connecting with the call, double check the time, time zone and number. You may need to re-dial. If you get a busy signal, you dialed incorrectly. Once the call connects,  you will hear a recorded voice asking for your access code.  Once entered, you will be connected to the live call in progress.  

Cancellation Policy for Pre-Paid tele-classes and webinars with scheduled start dates. 

We certainly want to welcome you to a teleclass in the future and we understand that plans do change. These are our options for cancellations when there is a cost for the tele-class or webinar.

PRE-PAID Teleclasses and Webinars with a scheduled start date  (see below for a series telecourse)

You may cancel your enrollment via email notice within 7 days prior to the official start of a course or class date to receive a refund less an administrative fee of $50. You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your request to cancel. Your refund will be in the same payment form as your original enrollment payment. Refunds are processed within three weeks.

Cancelling after a class officially starts: No refund is given. If you do not show up for class, no refund is given.

PRE-PAID Multi-Date Teleclasses, webinars with a scheduled start date.

You may cancel your enrollment before the first teleclass session begins if you send an email notice 7 days prior to the class date. You will receive a refund less an administrative fee of $50.

You will not be eligible for a refund if you do not cancel your enrollment 7 days before the first class date.

You will not be eligible for a refund if you attend the first class in a series. For example, if you signed up for a 4-session telecourse or webinar and only attend 1 of the 4 sessions, you will not be refunded for the other 3 sessions.  You may be eligible for a credit toward future teleclasses.

When you register for a teleclass or live workshop that is a series, full payment is due in advance and is treated as a one-time payment. In the first class you will be given products and materials that are for the entire course therefore it is considered that you have officially joined the full course.      

Cancellation Policy for Online, Distance Learning Tuitions and Digital Downloads

Order Cancellation Policy: Orders for Digital Downloads may NOT be canceled since they are processed immediately upon purchase. No refunds are issued after materials are emailed or given instant access as downloadable materials. Exception: if you notify us to cancel before the order has been emailed. 

This includes all purchases of home study courses, video, ebooks, ecourses, pre-recorded webinars, audio and other virtual training formats. Once you purchase the materials, you have paid tuition for CE, continuing education and been provided with full access to the virtual training format. Online training courses are NOT eligible for refunds.

All sales are FINAL and all charges from those sales are non-refundable. We have a NO REFUND POLICY with digital downloads. Before you click purchase on the final confirmation page, make sure that what you’re about to order is correct. If you are uncertain that this is the product to meet your interest, email us for more details before making the purchase. 

If you experience any problem with your download, please contact us immediately at, or try to re-download the file.  You will have 72 hours from the time of purchase to successfully download the digital file and to notify us if the download is unsuccessful. It is your responsbility to notify us immediately if there is a technical problem with the ‘download’. We will only replace the download product if we are notified within 72 hours. If needed, you may call our office at 310-0318-3353.
 Note: A “Download” is a Purchased Track or other Purchased Digital Material.  You shall be authorized to use the Downloads only for non commercial, personal use, unless otherwise approved by the Reflexolgy Mentor owner. 

Participant  Agreement

By registering for any teleclass, webinar, live class or mentoring progam provided by The Reflexology Mentor, I agree that it is unethical and will not duplicate any materials supplied as part of the program, tape any session or give the teleclass bridge numbers or audio replay to anyone not enrolled in the program. I also understand that information may be shared during a program by email and that I am totally responsible for receiving these emails, downloading materials provided and attending classes on time. I understand if I miss a class, an audio playback may be available but  I am not assured of receiving all materials for that missed class. 

YOU MAY NOT UPLOAD DOWNLOADS TO THE INTERNET. PEER-2-PEER FILE SHARING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any other manner of network file sharing and transfer of Downloads to devices for such purpose is prohibited.

The Reflexology Mentor reserves the right to make policy changes without notice other than updates on this website. Registrants for all classes take full responsibility to understand these policies prior to enrolling.

Upon registration, registrants signify they have read and agree with our policies.