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Science of Reflexology Class in New York  

The New York Reflexology Association was host to Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD from Barcelona, Spain at his recent two-day class in NY, teaching The Manzanares Method of Reflexology. President of NYSRA, Elizabeth Willoughby, attended and shared association news. 

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Science of Reflexology in the News

The following article was published 8/26/13 at and complements the MASSAGE Magazine article, “The Science of Reflexology,” by David Allan, D.C., in the September 2013 Issue. Profiled in this article is the reflexology research of Jesus Manzanares, MD.

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Take Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing  

University of Minnesota Website
Worth Visiting!

by Linda Chollar

Navigating the healthcare system can be challenging as you take charge to maintain your health. One source for exploring alternative and integrative healing practices is a no-nonsense site created by the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing.

With literally hundreds of types of healing practices, the site answers the question, ‘how can healing practices complement my healthcare?’ and offers a simple plan to evaluate how a therapy may contribute to your overall wellbeing. Easy-to-read research overviews are given for specific therapies.

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5 Tips for Quick Revenue Generation in Seasonal Times

It’s that time of year when wellness-oriented entrepreneurs freak out if they haven’t taken the steps to create a consistent revenue stream to account for seasonal slumps.  

Is your business sustainable enough to be summer proof? Is everyone on vacation you ask. The KEY to retaining clients through any holiday or seasonal time is being prepared before that time comes. Three keys to enjoying business year round: create your practice to tap into your clients’ greatest needs and pains, have systems in place for followup and a system for staying in touch even when clients don’t!

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Sacred Feet: Ancient Wisdom for Today 

Seek not to follow the footsteps of sages. Rather… seek what they sought”.

Documented within Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and cultures of Native American, Asian, Greek and Egyptian can be found references on honoring and giving reverence to the feet. The act of ‘foot washing’ has deeper meaning from this perspective and ‘remove your shoes, you are standing on sacred ground’ brings reflection about the universal significance of human feet with connection!

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Pain in the Butt or Body? Reflexology May Be Your Answer!

Researchers have once again shown reflexology to have benefits for reducing pain thresholds. A recently published study in Complimentary Therapies in Clinical Practice suggests that reflexology may be useful on its own or as an adjunct to medication in the treatment of pain conditions. Fifteen volunteers took part in a controlled experiment where they immersed their hands in a container of ice. Threshold levels were measured until they were unable to tolerate the pain further. Before submerging in ice they received a reflexology session and a separate session using a fake TENS treatment (an electronic method of pain relief—Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to rule out any placebo effects. The unit’s power was off. Results showed that reflexology increased acute pain thresholds 40% and a 45% increase in thresholds occurred compared to the fake TENS treatment. The authors concluded that reflexology likely causes the release of chemicals from the brain that lessen pain signals.

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STUFF: Why People Keep It & How to Break Free

I just read a great article by Karen Kingston, feng shui expert and author of many books on clutter clearing, getting organized and getting rid of STUFF that may have emotional underpinnings. She talked about someone who agonized about letting go of six boxes of handicraft materials she had hauled from home to home for years and never used. Sound familiar? I had a neighbor with the same problem. Turns out the stuff was her deceased mothers and together they planned to start a crafts business. She never forgave her mother ‘for dying’ and spent the past ten years mourning what she should have done with her life, burdened with a garage full of craft supplies. What is it that makes some people want to hold on to things, and other people not to care about them at all?

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4 Tips to Open Financial Flow in Your Business

“I can’t afford it”.  It’s likely that no one ever told you that your business as a holistic healer involved you being prepared for what it would feel like when prospective clients’ money issues came flying at you…or what to do about it!

First off, knowing some basic consumer-psychology behind this phrase, “I can’t afford it”, will enable you to empower your clients to invest in themselves. Secondly, as a business owner you must be secure in your service and value to attract financial flow. Let’s reframe the phrase. It’s not an objection but actually a worry. When we help clients to feel safe, to trust and believe that we provide solutions to help them feel better, the value for them becomes priceless.


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