Gastric Endoscopy Study Goes Hand-and-Foot 
Aug 23, 2016
Linda Chollar

Gastrointestinal diseases are common disorders and endoscopy is the most important diagnostic method for these disorders. Due to the aggressiveness, endoscopy causes stress and anxiety in patients. Stress and anxiety prior to endoscopy reduced willingness of the patients to undergo endoscopy and increased the time of endoscopy.

According to a study at Zabol University of Medical Sciences, relief is just a foot away. Findings of the study show that the therapeutic application of reflexology on a candidate’s hands and feet reduced anxiety and stress immediately before endoscopy. 
The single-blind randomized controlled clinical trial on 95 patients concluded that hand and foot reflexology massages can be used as a medication-free, simple and unaggressive therapy to reduce stress and anxiety.

Based on its effectiveness, it is recommended to use hand and foot reflexology massages to reduce stress and anxiety in candidate patients undergoing upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Further, nurses can use this method as a non-pharmacological intervention to reduce stress and anxiety in patients. Published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research 2016; 8(8): 1254-1259 (, the research article further notes that findings from other studies indicate that reflexology massage reduces stress and anxiety in a variety of conditions. 

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