Balancing the Nervous System: Foot-to-Brain Impulses
Jun 9, 2015
Linda Chollar in neurological, reflexology, science of reflexology

These Before and After photos are the feet of a female with a neurological condition causing contraction of toes and medial pull of foot and ankle.
A single therapeutic foot treatment that utilized the Chollar Method Nervous System Balance Technique (NSBT) show a remarkable change. 

After a single Integrative Reflexology session, not only was she extremely relaxed mentally but structurally, the contraction and muscle tightness in the entire foot was relieved. She had more flexibility and improved gait. The focus for the treatment was a specific touch therapy applied to reflex areas (points in the feet) that relate to cerebral structures and the nervous system (specifically sympathetic and parasympathetic). 

The technique called NSBTtm developed by Linda Chollar integrates touch to induce the Relaxation Response (defined by Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard Medical School) by facilitating an impulse through the foot-to-brain connection based on the principles of foot reflexology. Research by Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD shows that a precise dosage and intensity of a specific reflexology technique will trigger Theta brainwaves, associated with deep relaxation. 

After 23 years experience in the wellness field teaching anatomy and physiology, training in body/mind healing approaches and having helped those who struggle with neurological conditions and chronic pain, Chollar states that she is never surprised at how the body can unwind from stress, tension and pain in the right circumstances. Through healing touch therapies she has observed the human body’s structure move away from a contracted state to a place where the mind and physical can experience expansion -  from a state of fight/flight/freeze to a safe place of peace and ease. Science has revealed the brain’s plasticity and ability to change. So it is no mystery that any part of the body can do likewise. 

Chollar teaches this NSBT Method in live classes and via Skype training to health professionals, massage therapists, reflexologists and therapeutic touch practitioners. Understanding the neuro-physiology is the easy part for most — acknowledging the body’s innate healing ability is the challenge.        

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