Mindfulness and the STOP Technique
Nov 16, 2015
Linda Chollar in Healthy Living Tips, Inspiration, Meditation , Mindfulness, meditation, mindfulness, stress

Have you had times when you just needed some “breathing space”? A simple practice that can be done anytime, anywhere and takes less than a minute is the One-Minute Breathing Space with the S.T.O.P. Technique. 

By simply tuning into what is happening right now, without expecting anything in particular, you are able to create a space to reconnect with your natural resilience and wisdom. The practice provides a way to step out of auto-pilot mode of habitual mindlessness and resulting stress and into the present moment of mindfulness.

Using the acronym of STOP, each letter represents a step in this brief and deliberate exercise to help ground you and to help you be more resilient and effective in the midst of stress, change, chaos or distractions:

  1. “S” is to stop and take stock of your current experience. Bring yourself into the present moment by asking, “What are my thoughts, feelings and emotions right now?”
  2. “T” is to take a slow, deep breath, using your breath to anchor you into the present and into a state of awareness and stillness.
  3. “O” is to observe and open outward, beyond your breath. Become aware of the field of your awareness around your body as a whole: first your body posture, face, etc and then observe sounds, smells and sights around you. 
  4. “P” means to proceed into new possibilities without expectations. Sense the world around you right now, the bigger picture of what is happening to help move you out of the habitual mode and into a natural non-reactive response. 

After creating this pause, you have ‘breathing space’ to notice your reactions to stress and to add mindfulness into all that you do. Literally, it only takes seconds to be mindful. Request a pdf of the S.T.O.P. Practice: One-Minute Breathing Space from Linda@LindaChollar.com 

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