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3-Day Class in Chicago Taught by Linda Chollar:

“Beyond Reflexology - Healing Solutions”

July 10-12, 2015 - Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Learn the Chollar Method NSBT* protocol (Nervous System Balance TechniqueTM) to discover how to quickly facilitate the deeply relaxed state of the nervous sytem referred to as the “Relaxation Response”, coined by Dr. Herbert Benson, MD. 

Actual client case photo below: These images are taken of the feet of an 80 year old female client with a neurological condition that causes the toes on one foot to contract and the foot to curve inward. The photo on the left is the BEFORE and the one on the right was taken AFTER a single Integrative Reflexology treatment using the NSBT protocol.

This is just one of the effective technques you will learn in this training class in Chicago. Read the Agenda below.


Friday: Healing the Healer 6-8:30pm
Agenda: Vibrational Medicine for the Healer’s Immune System, Self-Care Like a Master, Mindfulness Meditation, Connecting with Your Own Healing Energy

Sat/Sun: Integrative Healing Approaches
Sat. 8:30-4:30pm and Sun. 8am - 3pm

On Saturday following class from 5-5:45pm enrollees have the option to attend Linda’s group coaching session, Master’s Mindset. This is a brief Q&A time to explore answers to your questions about business building and receive coaching tips and tools from Linda Chollar, Business Success Coach.  

Agenda for Saturday and Sunday class:

  • Solution Protocols for Pain Relief, Anxiety, Stress.
  • Create The Wow Experience of RESULTS to insure client rebooking & retention.
  • Energy Anatomy of the foot-to-body connection beyond reflexology.
  • Chollar Method Nervous System Balance Technique *(NSBTtm)
    (sympathetic/parasympathetic reflex areas) Taught by Chollar in her class, Reflexology for Nurses
  • Whole Body approaches for expanding your practice:
    Using energy principles of Cranial Sacral & Polarity Reflex Therapy
  • Protocols to Create a Specialty: Plantar Fasciitis, Postural Assessment

Tuition: $325 for 3-days;  $300 to members of RAI (Reflexology Assn of Illinois)

Register online or by phone.
Deadline: After July 1st incurs a late fee of $30. Please add to your payment.

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CALL 310-318-3353 to register by phone with credit card.   


Wellness Providers, Reflexologists, Consultants, BodyWorkers, Wellness Coaches, Nutritionists and heart-centered solo-prenurs:



  • Are you an alternative medicine practitioner eager to attract more clients?
  • Are you ready to help even more people through your holistic therapy?
  • Do you want to grow a financially prosperous practice?
  • Is your existing business stuck and in need of creative marketing ideas?
  • Need to get the message out about your gifts and solutions for   
    stress, pain, migraine, plantar fascitis, fibromyalgia, healthy eating?.
    Create your niche providing solutions for what clients need!   
  • Do you need a boost to your skills as a bodyworker with advanced & 
    science-based education in the field of reflexology or pain management?
  • Are you a Coach who needs a Coach? All successful coaches have a mentor!

If you answered YES to any of these questions then rest assured that you have finally found the resources that will propel you forward.

“I’m Linda Chollar, The Reflexology Mentor. If you have a passion for helping others and want a business doing what you love, my personalized coaching and business success system can help you create a prosperous practice. Go from where you are now to where you want to be - whether you want to improve your business skills or your hands-on practitioner skills.”

How does my business coaching programs help you to achieve this?

  • Through live, personal 1-on-1 phone coaching,  your approach to creating a healthy and profitable reflexology business will be transformed
  • You will learn to embrace and cultivate your intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit and become the creator of your own success story!

For 20 years I have been richly blessed in my private wellness and reflexology practice and my teaching opportunities. Having experienced the rewards of helping to change thousands of lives through healing touch approaches and training for professionals, I am eager to share my knowledge with you so you too can thrive. As part of my experience in the wellness field and in reflexology education, I have had the pleasure to teach and mentor hundreds of other solo-practitioners just like you in the steps to become more successful, whether your goal is to:

  • Start a new holistic health business in the growing alternative medicine field
  • Take your existing practice to the level of a sustainable business, doing what you love 
  • Setup easy systems for practice building
  • Implement strategies to market your services, your own workshops or products
  • Enhance your education with live classes, online and distance learning 

Never before has there been such a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial education with your own personal trainer. My business success system of live telephone coaching, telecourses, live classes, and personalized resources developed for reflexologists will provide you with the support and strategies you need to take your practice to its highest potential and maximize the investment you have made in your holistic health education and specialty training.

Why Wait Any Longer?

You likely became a holistic health practitioner because you are passionate about helping others regain health, reduce pain and improve their lives. So, why wait any longer to reach even more people? You have a responsibility to market, to inform, and to educate people about the solutions you can provide, the benefits of reflexology and to let them know you exist. People need to connect with you and what you have to offer is unique.     

The fundamental key to your success is action… immediate action. You alone offer the world your own completely unique set of skills. By joining my mentoring program today you will be taking that immediate action which catapults you into your prosperous future. You know where you’ve been, and you know that if you keep taking the same actions and thinking the same thoughts, that you’ll only stay where you are. It’s time to take new actions and revitalize your dreams.

Still not sure you’re ready? 

As my gift to you, I am offering a free Discovery Session of a 30-minute phone call. Let’s chat.   I want to hear about your practice and your dreams for your future. There is no obligation to continue with my services or purchase anything. You have nothing to lose. Ask questions and find out how personal coaching can help you or which classes would best serve your needs. The insight you will gain in 30 minutes could dramatically change your perspective and transform your business.

YES, I want the FREE Discovery Call. I am eager to create a practice that is a vibrant and that changes lives and supports me financially. 

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