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Understanding Fibromyalgia
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Affordable, quick, easy download of online CE courses. Continuing education to uplevel your business skills with new strategies:

  • Client-relationship building + your ideal client profile
  • Leading self-help workshops to gain income and clients
  • New client processing, rebooking, followup systems
  • Signature service & package creation
  • Hands-on technique in pain managment 

TO ORDER: START by choosing the CODES and the AMOUNT of the course(s) you wish to order from the list below. When you click BUY NOW you will be taken to a payment page where you must ENTER the codes and ENTER the total amount of your order.  You will be able to review or make changes before your final payment (using Visa/MC).

 at the special pricing. 

List of Courses & Limited Time Offers  
Title links will take you to a course description but will show regular prices.You must order from the BUY NOW button and enter Code and Amount of a Course to get these red tag specials. 

   24CE Hour Course: Reg. $295 …………….NOW 

   Pain Management Course  12-Lesson  CODE 01

    12CE Hour Courses: Reg. $97.…………… NOW   
    Teach Self-Help Workshops  CODE 02
    Enroll New Clients  CODE 03
    Signature Packages CODE 04
    7CE Hour Course: Reg. $159 .…………… NOW.   
    Pain Relief NSBT/Live Skype CODE 05
     3CE Hour Courses: Reg. $49 ……………. NOW  
    Rebooking Made Easy  CODE 08

*CE Credit Trancripts for all courses by approved CE Provider PO0118 
American Reflexology Certification Board ( 

SPECIAL OFFERS, CE hours and course contents are subject to change at any time without notice. Courses are sent by email in digital format and are non-refundable. All Courses are self-paced home study with no requirement for completion time.
*CE transcripts require a course evaluation eform to be submitted to our office within six months of purchase. Certificates of Completion with seal (suitable for wall) are available for an added cost.